TV channel bombed by Hindu groups for show on jewellery !

Hardline Hindu groups in south India disapproved of a film by broadcaster Puthiya Thalaimurai on the relevance of the traditional mangalsutra or thaali jewellery worn by married Hindu women, calling it offensive.

The station planned to release the programme on International Women’s Day, but cancelled the telecast after demonstrations were held outside its office and one cameraman was attacked. Four days later four men on two motorbikes threw bombs into the compound in a predawn attack.

According to Shyam Kumar the CEO of New Generation Media Corp, that runs Puthiya Thalamurai, they condemn the attack as the show wanted to give women a platform and welcomed opinions and thoughts. But yet again freedom of expression was strangled by violence and threats.

Fortunately no one was wounded in the bombing. Authorities say six people involved have been arrested. Their leader turned himself in separately claiming responsibility for the attack.

Close on the heels of the ‘India’s Daughter’ debacle this incident again flies in the face of India’s constitution that guarantees freedom of expression, but not without restrictions. Communities or people expressing their objections are free to file a lawsuit.

As reports say, India is no stranger to censorship imposed legally or forced by unruly protesters, but the growing intolerance of freedom of expression shows a medieval mindset, one that India needs to move beyond.

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