Advocate killed in Allahabad court shoot out

Advocate Roshan Ahmed was killed and Feroze Nabi was seriously injured when a police sub-inspector opened fire in self-defence inside an Allahabad district court.

According to a police spokesperson and advocates present at the time, a sub-inspector opened fire when some lawyers threatened to beat him up. The identity of the accused however could not be confirmed by the police, but advocates claimed the shooter was sub-inspector Shailesh Kumar Singh, who opened fire then fled from the room.

The lawyers went on a rampage at the court promises, as well as near the Allahabad high court that is situated a short distance away. They threw stones at police and other officials and resorted to vandalism and arson. Similar scenes were seen at the high court premises where advocates blocked traffic and torched some vehicles belonging to police and other officials.

The agitation ceased after a group of senior high court judges requested them to calm down and said they would personally visit the district court premises to assess the situation.

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