In TN money is the root of recruitment, promotions !

Corruption in Tamil Nadu state seems to be coming out of the closet since former agriculture minister SS Krishnamurthy exited the cabinet over the suicide of an agriculture department executive engineer, who jumped in front of a running train as he was allegedly harassed to manipulate the selection process for recruitment of drivers in the department.

The CPM state secretary said corruption exists in appointments, promotions and transfers at the officer level in every department, as the AIADMK and DMK governments have nurtured corrupt practices over the last 10 years.

Even the police department is riddled with the practice and officials pay middlemen to secure transfers to preferred locations.

One retired director general of police said everyone is benefiting from corruption from the top ranks to the lower rungs. The CPM now intends to hold a series of agitations to put an end to the pervasive corruption in government administration.

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