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NRI wins gold for losing weight in Dubai contest

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Businesswoman Sharada Serigara lost 32 kilograms to win a competition organised by the Dubai Municipality that rewarded her with one gram of gold for every kilo she lost. She beat out more than 7000 contestants and won 32 grams of gold worth some $1192.

Serigara said ‘it was all about diet and exercise and the determination to get healthy.

Kerala extends generous hand to Gulf returnees

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Minister for Rural Development K C Joseph informed the House that under the rehabilitation package offered to Non-Resident Keralites who had to return from certain Gulf countries, 605 persons have opted to avail of the self-employment scheme loans offered to them, under which a maximum of Rs.20 million was offered as a loan for which NORKA would give Rs.300,000 as a subsidy.

The interest rate for the loan repayment has been fixed at 3 percent less than the RBI rate. NORKA has thus far paid Rs.4.08 crore as subsidy for 605 self-employment projects.

Air Kerala proposed State-owned aviation company offering air travel for NRIs in the Gulf region will become a reality if the Civil Aviation Ministry eases two conditions.

Minister Joseph said the government has been most sincere in its efforts to be of assistance to expatriates. It was the only state that took the initiative to bring back their nurses from war zones in Libya and Iraq.

However the minister admitted that no banks except the Union Bank of India and Canara Bank had shown interest in helping out those Keralites who returned after the Saudi Nitaqat implementation. That too, regardless of the fact that NRI deposits alone in the banks in Kerala exceeded Rs.1 lakh crore.

NRI student fatally shot after visit to temple in US

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Dental student Randhir Kaur, 37, was shot to death at her San Francisco Bay Area apartment hours after attending services at a Sikh temple. Her body was discovered by her cousin after UC San Francisco officials became concerned about her well-being.

Investigators believe Kaur was accosted and shot some time after arriving home after she had spent the afternoon at a Sikh temple and planned to spend the evening studying. Reports say there were no signs of forced entry. Her personal belongings were found inside a trash can some 2 miles from her apartment in Albany.

NRI grooms chose garlands made with dollar bills !

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It is a common tradition for Indian bridegrooms to wear garlands made of currency notes, NRI grooms however prefer dollar garlands to establish their status, some also take the garlands abroad.

Many shops in Delhi who are unable to procure the currency, make the garlands with the dollars given to them by the NRIs. One store has been making the garlands for some 25 years in west Delhi. Most Punjabi families who have relatives settled abroad feature the currency accessory. The garland or maala can cost up to Rs.2000 and more elaborate ones that are embedded with stones cost more.

One store owner said one groom had his garland made with British pounds.

Some people in the trade say the currency note garland trend is on the wane in India, but NRIs still want them for their weddings.

NRI student dies in hiking accident in US

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Rishav Choudhury, 22, a senior at Wooster College in Ohio has died after falling while hiking in a rocky area in Arizona.

He was hiking in a canyon in the Coconino National Forest during a spring break camping trip with his college outdoors club, when he fell more than 100 feet near Cape Verde and died.

Cell phone reception was spotty throughout the area but members of the group were able to call for help. A paramedic hiked through a canyon and river in darkness to reach him, but Choudhury was already dead. The area was secured till Choudhury’s body could be airlifted to the medical examiner’s office.

The incident remains under investigation but no foul play is expected.

Choudhury was a senior majoring in philosophy and also worked as an assistant in the college library.

Kurt Holmes the dean of students at the College of Wooster said they are heartbroken by the news and their thoughts and prayers go to Rishav’s family and friends.

TV channel bombed by Hindu groups for show on jewellery !

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Hardline Hindu groups in south India disapproved of a film by broadcaster Puthiya Thalaimurai on the relevance of the traditional mangalsutra or thaali jewellery worn by married Hindu women, calling it offensive.

The station planned to release the programme on International Women’s Day, but cancelled the telecast after demonstrations were held outside its office and one cameraman was attacked. Four days later four men on two motorbikes threw bombs into the compound in a predawn attack.

According to Shyam Kumar the CEO of New Generation Media Corp, that runs Puthiya Thalamurai, they condemn the attack as the show wanted to give women a platform and welcomed opinions and thoughts. But yet again freedom of expression was strangled by violence and threats.

Fortunately no one was wounded in the bombing. Authorities say six people involved have been arrested. Their leader turned himself in separately claiming responsibility for the attack.

Close on the heels of the ‘India’s Daughter’ debacle this incident again flies in the face of India’s constitution that guarantees freedom of expression, but not without restrictions. Communities or people expressing their objections are free to file a lawsuit.

As reports say, India is no stranger to censorship imposed legally or forced by unruly protesters, but the growing intolerance of freedom of expression shows a medieval mindset, one that India needs to move beyond.

NRI doctor arrested for taking kickbacks in US

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Neil Sharma, 34, of Lemont, Illinois, the medical director of a health care company has been arrested on charges of taking a kickback of $2,500 in cash from an individual in return for referring Medicaid and Medicare patients to him for medical treatment.

According to federal charges in 2015 Sharma offered an individual who owns a company an additional 500 patients and he also offered to refer to the company Medicaid and Medicare patients in two new programs another company planned to implement. In exchange Sharma wanted immediate cash payments and additional cash payments every month after, for an unidentified length of time.

He planned to conceal the payments received.

According to prosecutors Sharma faces a maximum potential penalty of up to 5 years in prison, a fine of upto $25,000 and full restitution.

NH10 is not for the faint-hearted

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NH10 is a revenge drama that’s definitely not for the fainthearted. It has some action packed scenes with a lot of blood and gore.

Navdeep Singh who made Manorama Six Feet Under (2007) is back with a gripping tale of a young working couple in Gurgaon. When the movie starts Meera (Anushka Sharma) and Arjun (Neil Bhoopalam) are off for a party, which Meera is not very keen on attending. As soon as they reach she gets a work call and has to leave, she leaves alone and once she is on the highway her car is attacked by a group of unknown men. Next morning cops recommend her to keep a gun for her security. Over the weekend the couple is off for a weekend getaway.

The two stop by at a dhaba to grab a bite that’s where they witness a group of men trashing a young couple. Arjun interferes but is slapped, pushed back and asked to stay away because one of the guys says that the girl is his sister. Upset and disturbed with the incident Arjun doesn’t want to give up, he chases the black SUV. Meera pleads him not to but he insists he wants to teach the villagers a lesson. He enters the deserted area, gets off the car with Meera’s gun and asks her to stay in. What he witnesses is another case of honor killing in Haryana. In the middle of a deserted land the couple lose their car, their gun and now the only option is to run from the men who wont think twice before killing them.

It’s an edgy drama and once you are in it you just want to know what happens next. There are many moments when you will question their decisions. Why couldn’t Meera run away from the men who are chasing her and head home for some serious help and why would Arjun get into so much trouble. Any young sensible couple working in Gurgaon would know the repercussions of fighting with a group of locals in the middle of nowhere. The two had a gun but they didn’t manage to get their car keys back from a group of unarmed men. But all this doesn’t take away anything from the drama that keeps you glued to your seat. The suspense is gripping and that’s done well by the director.

Anushka Sharma delivers a power packed performance, it’s something she has never done and she does it convincingly. My favourite scene is when she is smoking and just watching one of the guys bleed in pain, it leaves a big impact. Neil Bhoopalam initially as the charming husband and later an unreasonable guy who walks straight into trouble does the job well.

The length of one hour and fifty five minutes is just right, the music fits well and the editing is crisp. A lot of credit goes to director Navdeep Singh firstly for attempting a different film and getting good performances out of the actors.

If you like action and revenge dramas this is great one! But if you can’t watch blood and torture then there is no way you can watch this.

NH10 is a power packed revenge drama!

Statue of Mahatma Gandhi unveiled in London

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British Prime Minister David Cameron, Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, Gandhi’s grandson Gopalkrishna Gandhi and Bollywood legend Amitabh Bachchan were present at a ceremony to unveil the historic 9-foot bronze statue of Mahatma Gandhi, at Parliament Square in London. The statue stands adjacent to Britain’s war-time Prime Minister Winston Churchill and anti apartheid icon Nelson Mandela.

Chants of Gandhi’s favourite bhajan “Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram” were sung as the statue was unveiled.

Minister Jaitley, invited to the UK especially for the unveiling, said the statue was a tribute to the British sense of civility that they now chose to honour someone who was conventionally regarded as their adversary, calling it a great tribute to British liberalism and British democracy.

Reacting to ‘India’s Daughter’ man makes documentary ‘UK’s Daughters’

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Reacting to the Leslee Udwin documentary ‘India’s Daughter’ that is and has been seen all over the world, Harvinder Singh of Delhi has made a documentary titled “United Kingdom’s Daughters’ that says the situation is much worse in western nations and 250 women in the UK are raped every day. The documentary says that ’10 percent of UK women said they experienced sexual victimisation’.

Harvinder Singh claims in ‘United Kingdom’s Daughters’ that rape is a global phenomena and the mentality of those committing the heinous crime is the same all over the world. Also, in the UK not all rape survivors get justice as only 10 percent of the rapists are convicted in the country.